VT biz shill deamands more H-1B visas for the cheap labor pipeline

Sellout cheap labor biz lobby is clueless on the reality of H-1Bs.


“For many years, this program allowed American employers to bring over highly skilled and educated employees to work in a variety of fields, including high tech. The number of such employees was limited by annual quota, which was as high as 195,000 in the fiscal years 2001 to 2003.  That amount reflected the demand for that type of visa.

During the Bush 43 administration, Congress reduced the annual H-1B quota to 65,000 visas, where it stands today.  There are also an additional 20,000 H-1B visas available to those aliens who have received a master’s or higher degree from an accredited U.S. University.

For many years, the demand for those visas has far outpaced the supply.  According to a recent U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) release, there were applications for over 190,000 visas submitted during the H-1B lottery “season” this past April.  It doesn’t take an advanced degree or even much more than basic arithmetic to see that the number of applications was more than double the number of available visas”.

Um, well no, not really.

Most of the visas are filed by foreign staffing companies, now numbering in the 1000s across the US, and run all by Indian Mafia looters.

Most of them steal Americans’ resumes, and lie, saying they can’t find enough qualified Americans, since under US law it’s illegal to admit any foreign national for work if a qualified American can be found (Title 8).

“That amount reflected the demand for that type of visa”…..

No, the 1998 and 2001 cap raises were caused by Indian’s NASSCOM hiring US PR firm Hill + Knowlton to pump “worker shortage” PR lies into US media.

As soon as those visa increases sunset in Oct 2003, the Indian mafia staffing companies switched to L-1 visas, which have no limits. So in effect, there is no cap.

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