How to solve India’s job crisis in 3 easy steps

Jobs crisis?

We thought they were tech geniuses?

Here’s how to solve India’s “jobs crisis:”

  1. Create your own Apple.
  2. Create your own Microsoft.
  3. Create your own Google.

Instead of taking over America’s.

If you can.

Come on India, you’re the “innovation hub” of the world right?

Should be child’s play for you.

Get busy!

“India’s jobs crisis is, ironically, worst among urban and educated youth, something you would imagine would be an advantage in the job market. It is now time to get into solution mode and not turn this one into a political blame game as we often do with our national issues. The reasons for the crisis include some of our own mistakes and some global trends. However, if we want to solve the problem, there is only one thing that beats a job crisis – a super high growth economy”.

Or just dump more of your failed losers into US companies created by Americans and suck them dry like you’ve been doing for 25 years.

That’s another solution.

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