Not so temporary H-1B guests: ‘Suing the US government only proven recourse on H-1B visa issues’

Imagine a friend inviting you over to their house for dinner and when you ask them to leave, you sue them and take their house.

That is what “temporary guest workers” in the US from India on H-1B + H4 are doing.

These people are our guests and we can ask them to leave any time we like.

It’s that simple.

They have no legal standing in the US, much less one to sue the US gov’t with.

The original agreement in 1998 was that these people were only supposed to be here for Y2K then leave.

Now they are suing the US gov’t when asked to go home as promised.

We need to send the US Army in now and round up the Indian Mafia that is looting our country.

No other country would stand for this kind of takeover.

“Ever since the Trump administration established the Buy American and Hire American policy, visa denial rates have shot up, hurting Indian companies that do offsite placements under the general category of H1B”.

Boo hoo hoo, you’re all tmeporary guests, go home, as agreed and stop forcing yourselves on America. You’re all smarter than we are, so we’re sure you can do better in India itself, right?

So what’s the big deal?

BTW, offsite placements constitute illegal layers and are illegal under H-1B laws.

You’re not in favor of violating laws are you?


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