Scott Trevorna is ignorant of H-1B reality

Scott Trevorna over on Twitter is utterly in the dark on the reality of the H-1B industrial spy program + how it is robbing the US economy blind.

India is looting American jobs + industries via H-1B.

Young millenial snowflakes have no idea what is really happening, just like Desi Immigration News doesn’t.

“Read this!! Why tech jobs won’t come back to USA…

No, that is exactly why tech jobs will come back to the USA.

Increasing and allowing armies of foreign industrial spies to steal your industries + move them offshore will not keep tech jobs in the US.

India’s grand looting plan is about to collapse and it knows it.

Foreign workers are here to get trained, and move our jobs back home.

If they can’t come in + get trained, then they can’t do our jobs, move them offshore, or steal them.

Tech jobs will come back when America’s great tech companies built by Americans are forced to hire Americans first, as required by law.

Canada has no Microsoft or Apple.

Have at it H-1B looters. It’s yours.

Too bad Scott Trevorna doesn’t seem to understand that #HR1044 is an India-first/India-only green card bill, and would change America’s diverse immigration laws to Indians-first, Indians-only.

One Indian on Twitter even said to keep all Iranians out of US green cards:

That’s because an Iranian group called NIAC Action is exposing the India-first/India-only HR1044 racist + bigotted legislaton and Indians sure go against anyone who tried to expose their takeover.

How racist + bigotted can you get, India?

Wonder if the NASSCOM/India Inc Mafia is paying Mr. Trevorna?

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