U.S. Authorities Say H-1B Visa Approvals Dropped 10% In 2018

10% is a joke.

Not “instituting a requirement to hire American workers first, no exceptions“, Mr. Trump.

You lied to the American people.

Silicon Valley is still 71% foreign occupied by foreign workers, even though it was Americans who built it.

Trump hasn’t delivered as promised.

No change in the H-1B mass industrial looting program.

The reductions by now should have been 90%, not 10%.

10% is a PR stunt, not any real change for American workers kicked to the curb by India Inc invaders.

10% is not a “sharp drop” as reported by the India Mafia rag:


“There was a sharp 10 percent decline in the approval of H-1B visas by the U.S. in the fiscal year 2018, which experts attributed to the “aggressive” policies of the Trump administration to clamp down on the use of the work visa programme, popular among highly-skilled Indian IT professionals“.

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