US alert for Dreamliners: 23 Air India Boeing 787s

Boeing’s India-Inc caused 787 nightmare just won’t go away.

Ten years after the FAA had to ban Indian outsourcer HCL from the 787 project, the 787 continues to have problems + continues to need fixing.

Not keeping America competitive, not keeping Boeing competitive, in fact, a mega huge disaster which has no signs of ever going away.

The lawsuits hurled @ Boeing because of the failures just won’s top. ANA alone sued Boeing for $20 million for late deliveries, plus more suits over engine problems, which Rolls Royce also outsourced to India.

One can just imagine what will hapen when the 787 planes start to age.

Indian engineering is a mega-fail.

ANA to cancel 113 domestic flights to inspect Boeing 787 Dreamliner Rolls-Royce engines

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