Wipro’s Azim Premji relinquishes executive chairman role to son Rishad

Wipro’s criminal defamer Azim Premji is finally stepping down.

His carbon-copy son, Rashid, is set to take over + continue the India Inc. loot out of the US economy.

After looting billions out of the US economy with their failed “Indian techies” who produce nothing but failure everywhere they go, the Conman-In-Chief is stepping down.

Premji once criminally defamed US tech workers on MSNBC national television by saying “America does not have the talent”.

Well, America does have the talent, since Americans, not Indians, built Silicon Valley.

Why hasn’t the international criminal been arrested every time he steps on US soil?

Where is DHS?

Defamation is a crime.

Premji is an economic terrorist.


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