Half of Americans Are Effectively Poor Now. What The?

‘America’s Collapsing Because it’s the World’s First Poor Rich Country’

No it isn’t – it’s collapsing because tens of millions of looters such as yourself come here to remit dollars out + move all our industries we worked to build offshore, and L-1 visa holders in the millions pay no taxes, and you drive down wages, which collapses our tax base.

If we had back the $10 trillion you took in high tech wages from us, we’d probably be doing ok.

You caused the collapse. You and ‘your people’.

If America closed its borders today, sent you all home, and put all Americans back into the jobs that were stolen from them, I can guarantee you USA would bounce right back in a year.

You failed to keep America going as promised, you’re not “contributing to the US economy” as promised, you’re not creating jobs for those 42% Americans, whose jobs you stole, and now you wonder why half of America is poor.

YOU caused it.

20 years ago before you came here, we were booming, everyone had a job, and we had no problems.

America doesn’t tolerate non-performers, so now it’s time to send the US Army in, round you all up, and ship you back to where you came from.

Party’s over looters.

Every successful system attracts parasites, as they say.


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