Indian man racially assaulted in broad daylight in Sandringham, community holds protest march

“The man spoke to NZ Herald narrating his ordeal of being beaten by three strange men and hurled racial slurs and for no apparent reason.

The Indian man, who did not want his identity to be revealed in media, said that he was strolling the streets looking for a house to buy in the suburb when he was pointed by a group of men driving in a car while crossing a pedestrian crossing on Fowlds Ave and into Locarno Ave”.

We can assure it was not “for no reason”.

Almost certainly “the man” had targeted locals for removal from jobs in the companies they built, kicked to the curb, and locked out of their own job market by armines of job-hungry inavders from the Land that Time Forgot.

What’s really amazing is that there hasn’t been more of these kinds of incidents in the west – given the mass job takeover + looting scale that is going on there.

People can only take being robbed so much, before they snap.

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