No American Bazzar, Americans built all those tech companies

If there is one people on earth who are masters at taking credit for the work of others, it’s Indians.

American Bazzar, an Indian-run news website bragged the other day about how many of the big US tech companies are run by Indians.

Except for one little problem: those companies were all built by Americans in the 1980’s + 1990’s, then taken over by Indian Mafia.

Sorry India, but you can’t build tech companies like those, but you sure are good at stealing them, aren’t you?

Adobe, Microsoft, and Google were all built by Americans, Google in the 1990’s, and Adobe + Microsoft in the 1980’s.

There isn’t even one single major US tech company created + built by Indians.

India is stealing our most valuable companies.

Read Michelle Malkin‘s book “Sold Out” if you want to learn the truth about US tech companies.

Apple will be next.

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