USCIS Finds New Way To Stop H-1B Spouses From Working – Stuart Anderson

Well, Mr. Anderson, what do you think you, the media + the Indian Mafia have been doing to US tech workers for over 20 years now?

How does it feel?

You cannot escape justice or karma.

You reap what you sow.

After all, H-1Bs + their spouses were only supposed to be here temporarily for Y2K then go home.

Tables turned, now your turn to cry, because………..

Former Infosys recruiter says he was told not to hire U.S. workers

Infosys senior level meetings: “We will dump 6 million Indians in US and capture their entire IT market and no American will ever come to know about this. We will throw these Americans out of their own country. They don’t know what we are doing over here”.

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