Fake Indian IT recruiters stealing Americans’ resumes from toilets in India

Hey, we didn’t say it – someone in India sent us this:

“Let’s take couple of scenarios:

Scenario 1. Fake resume/candidate: Recruiters can google candidates name and check his facebok page or social media, etc. OK, they don’t find. Then he goes for interview, why can’t interviewers find out whether candidate is genuine or not? OK, candidate passes interview. Next step is background check. BC should reveal everything. If found fake, then don’t hire. 

Looks like this whole IT recruitment in USA is FRAUD and FAKE!!

Scenario 2. Genuine candidates: Genuine people are tortured and killed by the useless, brain dead, uneducated, 10th std fail, IT recruiters sitting in dirty smelly toilets in India (and recruiting US people). Eventually genuine candidates do not get any jobs as their resumes don’t even reach hiring manager.

There is a big FRAUD going on in current IT recruitment”.

Yes, correct. And now many managers in US are fake Indian Mafia frauds described, which is why no one ever “detects” the frauds to start with.

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