Indian Mafia admits ‘There are fake recruiters’

Khushal Thakkar IT Recruiter at Wise Skulls

“If there is a genuine recruiter he would explain you the whole process. Can you judge the taste of the food just by its looks??? I am sure there are fake recruitment companies as much so as there are fake candidates….”.

Shubhanshu Mishra Associate Manager at Tekfortune Inc

“I think, If the person has no idea about the Market then they should not say anything about Indian Vendors or so-called Desi Vendors. There are more than 50% Fake profiles in the market which every recruiter deal with. Every recruiter deal with certain Scenario and they have to ensure the delivery of the candidate they submit. There are Bulk profiles those who say that they are on a Certain Visa but they are not on that particular Visa, Delivering the right candidate to the client is all that the Company needs and that is exactly what Indian Vendors follow, I really don’t know and don’t want to know about the others”.

That’s right – Indian Mafia just wants to sweep all their crimes under the rug + hush everything up so no one notices.

With the vast resume theft + fake degrees going on in the Indian mafia, recruiters in the US, Indians are more than just “delivering the right candidate to the client”.

They’re comitting mass visa fraud which is a crime.

And it’s happening all over the US in huge numbers.

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