Indian Mafia now taking credit for Adobe Photoshop

There is nothing great anyone else makes which the Indian Mafia will not take over + take credit for.

Except that Photoshop, and Adobe itself was almost all Americans until the Indian mafia moved in + looted it.

“We have only scratched the surface in India right now. As people get to understand that software is value, people should pay for it,” Narayanan told BusinessLine talking about the subscription-based business model of Photoshop”.

Unless of course you are internationally wanted master criminal Ratan Tata, who sets up organized crime syndicates in the US masquerading as “global staffing companies” and then just have all your employees steal software and trade secrets out of US companies.

In those cases you don’t pay for software, you just steal it – along with entire US companies such as Adobe, and all their software, and all their jobs, then move all of it back to India.

In fact, looters’ names didn’t really start appearing on Photoshop credits until well after version 5, but even as late as CS4 there weren’t that many – at least not on Photoshop. Or Lightroom.

But now Adobe is almost all Indians.

Must be nice to get your products for free by the work of others, then take credit for it.

India is getting away with economic rape of the US tech economy + laughing about it.

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