Indian whiner complains ‘White people have made my life miserable yet I’m not supposed to hate white people?’

Well what goes around comes around.

This just shows that the Indian Invasion + takeover is all about race.

Every Indian on the planet blames the British (i.e. white people) for their poverty, claiming Britain robbed India when it was colonized in the 1800’s.

Of course licking communist Russia’s boots for 60 years probably didn’t have anything to do with it.

Nor the fact that India is a criminal nation in which a billion people are busy every day scamming + stealing from everyone else.

No, it was those pesky hard working white people who gave the world dozens of industries and millions of jobs such as the internet, computers, autos, airplanes. Stuff like that.

Where did India get all the jobs it now enjoys?

From white people.

What do you think you have been doing by targetting white Americans in their own country for 20 years. Oh, and BTW, we have been here 500 years and built the place. AND YOU DIDN’T.

If you don’t like America, or white people, then just go back to India.


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