Is the Indian Mafia killing Adobe?

It sure looks that way.

Adobe, the American-founded and American built desktop publishing empire was taken over by the Indian Mafia in 2006 and now has an Indian CEO.

Adobe was once the powerhouse desktop publishing software producer and ruled the world. In fact, in the late 1980’s it was one of the top tech companies.

Without Adobe + PostScript, there would be no DTP as we know it today.

But now customers are VERY upset with its latest “Creative Cloud” software, which is bloated, invasive, buggy, heavy, and slow.

This is what happens when you move an entire once-great tech company from the US to India.

It can be done, but it’s going to be crap.

Not a “brilliant company” – not anymore – Mr. Trump, definitely not highly skilled and talented, as Mr. Premji claims, and definitely not contributing to the US economy. Not the “smartest people in the world”.

Adobe, once one of the beautfiul gleaming jewels of Silicon Valley, is being trashed.

Are you really going to let the Indian Mafia destroy Silicon Valley, Mr. President?

CC 2019 Apps Rubbish

“So I made the grand mistake of updating all of the CC 2019 Apps I use, Acrobat, Bridge, Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and well that was a huge mistake. All of them are ridiculously slow, colour profiles don’t stick when I’ve set them up. Acrobat has gotten worse than before and I don’t how that is even possible. It sucks so much memory and is so slow anyway that I can’t believe they made it worse”.

Why Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a really, really bad idea for the sheeple

Even liberal Medium chimed in:

Dear Adobe, Creative Cloud sucks

“I’m not referring to the subscription model but to that terrible piece of software we are forced to use in order to download and update the Adobe products we pay for every month”.

It is unbelievable how invasive Adobe software is.

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