‘The terrible delusions of US-China business council chief Craig Allen’

The article’s point is basically true: that China is a dangerous enemy, and a manipulator, and not a friend of the US.

But the really big question is: Is the US-China business council really a front controlled by the Communist Chinese Party manipulators to convince and promote the idea that free trade with the ruthless communist state is good for America?

We’ve seen in the past how China was able to buy politicians and American business people, even putting their agents, the Clintons into the White House in the 1990’s with illegal campaign cash.

Don’t put any scheming + manipulation past the Chinese Communist Party. They are ruthlessly cunning.

American is being remote-controlled like a TV in a living room by China + India, and few Americans are even aware of it.

The US-China Business Council very well could just be some fake front business group run by the CCP to get what China wants – first economically, then militarily, once the US no longer has an economy strong enough to support a modern military.

That in fact, is China’s primary goal.

In the 1960’s Kruschev promised the east would weaken the US economy until the US fell like ripe fruit into Soviet hands.

After all, when Mao said “We will conduct a Long March through the institutions”, he wasn’t just referring to political institutions. Business institutions today are much more powerful than politics.

Evil is attracted to the levers of power, whatever, and wherever they may be.

If not actually working for the CCP, then Mr. Allen is certainly a “useful idiot”, as defined by Lenin.


“The open evidence is actually quite simple: as Allen himself admits, Huawei receives generous state support from the Chinese government. And China is stealing vast areas of international waters that are crucial to global trade, cheating in international trade, imprisoning millions of civilians, and attempting to imprison millions more. Oh, and China is also stealing extraordinary amounts of intellectual property and then using it to spy on the world”.

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