Dan Culhane, president of Ames Chamber of Commerce pumps the genius foreign worker lies

One has to wonder if India’s IT lobby, and/or NASSCOM, or USIN-PAC and Sanjay Puri have gotten to all heads of Chambers of Commerce all over the US and paid them to pump the lie that America needs more genius foreign graduates to keep going.

Since Silicon Valley and most other American industries were created by Americans, and not foreign workers, one has to wonder why any president of any Chamber of Cheap Labor would make such a statement.

America doesn’t need these frauds, most of which cheat their way through US schools, desttroy or take over countless companies built by Americans, and generally drive the US into $22 trillion of debt.

We don’t need them, they want and need our jobs. It’s that simple.

Mr. Culhane is lying – pumping the cheap labor propaganda, to keep foreign captive low-paid workers coming to America, so business can break the law and make more $.

Note he mentioned openly that such agendas are “pro-business”.

But what about being pro-American worker?


“A fresh class full of bright young engineers, agronomists, plant scientists and other budding technologists just graduated from Iowa State University of Science and Technology. These are the young men and women who will fuel our innovation economy and keep farms and other businesses booming in central Iowa, and there’s plenty of demand for their skills”.


Yes, “fresh” and “young” is what the US biz lobby wants. “Young” equates to “cheap”. Someone needs to inform Mr. Culhane that age discrimination in hiring is illegal under Federal law.

“Many of these newly minted grads accepted job offers six months ago and will soon be heading off to start promising careers for grateful employers who have long struggled to recruit well-trained technical workers”.


Struggled? Silicon Valley is 71% foreign occupied and most major US tech companies are now flooded with foreign workers. The boo hoo hoo sob story of US business is complete lies. Businesses have so much cheap excess labor available they’re even paying foreign India workers $1.21/hr and getting away with it. Even top companies like Apple are now flooded with foreign workers, even though it was Americans who built the company. No struggling going on, unless you’re an American worker who helped created Silicon Valley but got kicked to the curb by illegal cheap labor gambits created by the like of the Chamber of Commerce (which is now the biggest lobby in DC).

“A startling number of ISU’s graduates, however, won’t be joining the American workforce. It’s not because they can’t find jobs. It’s because they were born in another country. Under our current immigration system, it’s incredibly hard for American businesses to hire and retain skilled foreign graduates. That’s a shocking waste of talent, and it’s a big part of why I’m so delighted to see Sen. Joni Ernst proposing new legislation to streamline America’s skilled-worker visa system and make it easier for U.S. businesses to hire the workers they so desperately need“.



Sky is falling, desperately need, shocking waste, the earth will split in two, the entire econ will collapse without IQ82 workers from India, the US is doomed without them, even though it was Americans who built Silicon Valley + are now training their replacements.

They sure are working hard.


After all, it’s illegal under Federal law (Title 8, Section 1182) for them to even enter the US to work if doing so harms American workers. And right now the real unemployment rate is 21% – near Great Depression levels. All the foreign bright, young, super foreign geniuses that the Chamber salivates over like your dog when you’re eating steak is breaking the law.

Just ask disgraced moneybags former President of the Chamber, Mr. Tom Donahue who had to resign because he used $20 million of Chamber funds to fly home in a private jet for personal use.

As usual, it’s really all about cheap labor, not foreign talent. Just ask former MIT scientist Eric Weinstein who admitted H-1B work visas are all about destroying the wage-power of US tech workers:

Speaking of MIT – the #1 ranked tech college in the world, let alone the US – published an article admitting the “skills gap” is a total fraud:


Cheap labor is what it’s all about.

Americans are dying in the streets while tech companies make billions in profits.

Apple sure is “struggling” to find foreign young, bright “talent”.

It’s a real “struggle” to keep your company going when you have to pay workers $1.21/hr. In this case Federal law violator Electronics for Imaging wasn’t even fined, let alone its law-breaking CEO arrested + jailed.

The result of all that tech company “struggling to find workers” .

Doesn’t really look like tech companies are struggling for foreign workers at all. In fact, they’re now 100% in many cases.

Just look at all that “struggling to find foreign workers’ going on. Oh, the horror.

Just look at that company struggling to find young, fresh, foreign talent.

Americans are dying because of what tech companies are doing to them.

US tech workers, not business or the Chamber of Cheap lobby are “struggling”.

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