A. Scott Anderson: ‘Keep Utah’s economy vibrant by improving H-1B visa system’

More cheap labor propaganda.

Wage-fixing is a federal crime under US law.

NASSCOM, rhcusa.com, USIN-PAC, India Incs, and Immigration Voice must have gotten to Anderson.

All our pols + business elite are taking cash from foreign powers.

H-1B has been a total disaster for Americans + for the US economy.

20 years ago when Americans ran the economy, it had a tax surplus, no unemployment, no homelessness, and few problems.

Today the US is $22 trillion in debt, 69,000 homeless are dying on the streets of L.A., tens of millions of Americans are still without jobs, and the invasion continues.

Cheap labor lobbies + foreign powers are paying people to pump these lies into our media.

It’s called “public relations”.

25% of Americans are worse off now than before the 2008 Wall St collapse – which, BTW, was caused by outsouricng to India Incs.

After all it was Wipro which killed Lehman Bros, and got banned for stealing data from World Bank.

H-1B robs and destroys America – it doesn’t improve it.


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