Desi Immigration News at it again

Racist foaming-at-the-mouth Desi Immigration News is at it again.

The illogic + racism this account spews on Twitter daily is astonishing.

‘Desi Immigration News’ itself is a racist term.

The biggest racists on the planet scream racism at everyone else when exposed.

A few choice tweets from the past 24 hours:

“Indian Community”? That’s racist.

“Indian Community” organizes + supports traitor politicians who will do its bidding, doesn’t support anyone else. Promotion of one race above all else.

Or more likely the Indian Mafia in the form of or USIN-PAC got him run out of his job with their usual nefarious tactics because he opposed H-1B.

Well in that case highly skilled + talented “desi” geniuses our brilliant companies can’t do without better learn how to at least spell first.

Then we’ll apply the law – which means you’re all going to have to leave since you’re “adversely affecting the wages and working conditions of Americans similarly employed”

Well since the average American IQ is 98 – and the average Indian IQ is 82 – borderline retarded + 16 points below Amercans’ perhaps Saavedra better have a look at the tens of millions of Indian workers destroying everything in their path who come here + only hire Indians.

Only hiring your own race is illegal under US law and EEOC guidelines, but that is exactly what the Indian mafia does. If Trump supporters are “racist” it is only because they have been the victims of mass targetted racism in the workplace for decades.

Besides, Americans created Silicon Valley so we can’t be all that dumb. India cannot even pick up its own trash and doesn’t even have the common sense to know that it should.

Everything India has touched has died, including the 2002 and 2008 economic collapses in which they took over companies via outsourcing. American pols are the truly dumb ones for allowing the continued industrial rape of the US economy by India Incs.

With racist India Incs it’s hiring only Indians, all the time. Can’t get any more racist than that.

Indian Americans? That’s racist. We’re sure you’d like to see the entire congress replaced by Indian Americans since your true goal is total takeover of the US.

No they don’t. The US had a massive tax surplus before you people arrived. Not anymore. $22 trillion in debt thanks to millions of India Inc L-1 visa workers who are working here illegally and not paying taxes.

Senator Diane Feinstein even testified to such in 2003 before Conrgress. Sorry, but your lies don’t work anymore in America.

First of all, you’re not immigrants – H-1Bs are non-immigrants, and secondly, you’re not here legally – you’re all in violation of Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens. Thirdly, you’re targetting Americans for removal + replacement. You’re treated the way you’re treated because you were supposed to be here for Y2K temporarily then leave, but instead have moved in, taken over, and kicked the Americans who created Silicon Valley into the streets in their own country. Perhaps if you hadn’t engaged in this behavior, you would have been treated better:

Infosys senior level meetings: “We will dump 6 million Indians in US and capture their entire IT market and no American will ever come to know about this. We will throw these Americans out of their own country. They don’t know what we are doing over here”.

Former Infosys Manager from India Cites Discrimination Against Americans

Lots of Indian companies give lobbying $ to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to promote offshoring Of U.S. Jobs

4G Identity Solutions Hyderabad, India $7,500
A2Z Maintenance & Eng. Gurgaon, India $7,500
Amarchand Mangaldas Mumbai, India $15,000
Apollo Hospitals Chennai, India $7,500
Arshiya International Mumbai, India $15,000
Astonfield Management Mumbai, India $7,500
Avantha Group India $7,500
Avasarala Technologies Bangalore, India $7,500
AZB & Partners Mumbai, India $15,000
Azure Power New Delhi, India $7,500
Bharat Forge Pune, India $15,000
Devas Multimedia Bangalore, India $15,000
DSK Legal Bombay, India $7,500
Dua Associates Hyderabad, India $15,000
Educomp Solutions Ltd Delhi, India $7,500
Essar Group Mumbai, India $7,500
Fox Mandal Little India $7,500
GMR Bangalore, India $15,000
Hindalco Group, The Mumbai, India $15,000
Hindustan Construction Company Mumbai, India $15,000
ICICI Bank Mumbia, India $7,500
Infosys Bangalore, India $15,000
Infotech Enterprises Hyderabad, India $7,500
Ireo Management Gurgoan, India $15,000
ITC Group Kolkata, India $15,000
J. Sagar Associates Mumbai, India $15,000
J.B.Boda Insurance Mumbai, India $7,500
J.M. Baxi & Co. Mumbai, India $15,000
Jagran Prakashan Kanpur, India $7,500
Jindal Power New Delhi, India $15,000
Jubilant Organosys Noida, India $7,500
Kimaya Energy New Delhi, India $15,000
Kotak Mahindra Mumbai, India $7,500
KPIT Cummins Pune, India $7,500
KPMG Amstelveen, Netherlands $15,000
Larsen & Toubro Mumbai, India $15,000
Leela Hotels Bengaluru, India $7,500
Luthra & Luthra New Delhi, India $15,000
Majmudar & Company Mumbai, India $7,500
NIIT Technologies Delhi, India $15,000
Nishith Desai Associates Mumbai, India $15,000
Oberoi Group Dehli,India $7,500
Patni Americas Mumbai, India $15,000
Punj Lloyd Gurgaon, India $15,000
Ranbaxy, Inc. Gurgaon, India $7,500
Reliance Industries Mumbai, India $15,000
Reliance Communications Navi Mumbai, India $7,500
Rolta Mumbai, India $7,500
SKP Crossborder Consulting Mumbai, India $7,500
State Bank of India Mumbai, India $15,000
Tata Group Mumbai, India $15,000
Tatva Legal India $15,000
Trilegal India $7,500
Walchandnagar Industries Mumbai, India $7,500
Welspun Mumbai, India $7,500
Wipro Bangalore, India $15,000

You’re also buying off our politicians, which is illegal under at least 3 Federal laws including the Foreign Agents Registration Act + the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. So why should we give any of you more visas | green cards?

And what about the tens of millions of Americans who have job loss due to your illegally replacing them and not leaving when Y2K ended as originally agreed? What goes around comes around, India.

There is no federal statute of limitations on crime. Criminals who came in on false H-1B visas, got trained, didn’t have the special skills claimed, and didn’t go home as promised when Y2K ended are all criminal aliens and should be prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. You’re in favor of ‘applying the law’ so in this case we need to arrest and deport you all for your crimes on Americans.

There is no backlog, You are all temporary guests, you were supposed to leave in 2002 when Y2K ended but didn’t, and we’re going to have to round you all up using the military + deport you since you won’t leave as originally agreed. The backlog is a fiction of the H-1B Indian imagination and doesn’t exist. If there is a backlog, you created it by not leaving when you agreed to. USA doesn’t owe you anything and you’re not entitled to a green card just since you want one.

Well Indians oppose Americans in the workplace and are targeting them for removal, so you shouldn’t be surprised the US no longer wants you racists here any longer.

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