Wipro Opens New State-of-the-Art Looting Center in Minneapolis

International organized crime family – the Premjis – Wipro founder Azim + his industrial thief son Rashid are at it again.

Not happy with merely stealing data from World Bank and being banned by that institution, or being a prime cause of the 2008 Wall St. collapse by destroying Lehman Bros, now the father+son destruction team is moving on to smaller cities + areas in the US to loot out.

Everywhere these people appear there is destruction + loss.

We will be hearing of collapse + woe in MN next. Bank on it.

The PR “business” front is always “Driving innovation”, etc etc etc. – all the while the organized crime syndicate is looting every dollar it can get its hands on back to India, as well as stealing every scrap of data.

The world’s #1 nation of thieves has learned how to dress up in $5,000 suits and pull off the biggest industrial + economic heist in world history – looting of the west.


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