Pro-India lobbyist Leon Fresco added to DHS security council

Immigration Lobbyist Leon Fresco, who was famously tied to the Immigration Voice-Kevin Yoder scandal is now being inducted into the Homeland Security Council.

Indian Mafia sure does know how to place its agents in the right places to get what it wants.

Make no mistake – Leon Freso is an unregistered foreign agent and is working for India. He even tweeted his junkets to India on Twitter.

He was linked to former disgraced Immigration Voice-paid unregistered foreign agent Kevin Yoder, who was run out of office in the last election by Kansas voters who got wind that he was working for foreign powers.

Make no mistake, the India Inc lobby has put Fresco where he is to get its way.

Where is Trump on ending the H-1B program as cheap labor as promised?

We need a full investigation of Leon Fresco immediately.

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