Trump’s limits on H1-B visas seen hurting Indian IT companies + workers

Boo hoo hoo.

Doesn’t the Indian Mafia realize it has been throwing Americans out in the streets (some of whom are dying) for 20 years.

Karma India, karma.

“Indian-based IT companies with operations in the U.S. are facing serious difficulties in securing H1-B working visas for their employees. The allotment of these visas is done on a partial basis by the Trump administration. While tech giants like Google and Amazon are continuing to see visas come in at the same rate for years, smaller U.S-based Indian IT firms are facing a disadvantage”.

First of all they were never supposed to be here beyond Y2K, and they were never supposed to move in and take over.

Secondly, H-1B is not a mass invasion visa for foreign companies to use.

It was intended for the use of US companies in rare exceptions.

In fact, foreign companies should be barred from using it entirely.

India has hijacked the US H-1B visa program.

How’s this for “hurting” people?

Silicon Valley – mostly foreign workers.

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