American worker replacement history: Guy Santiglia Sued Sun Micro

Sun Micro, one of the top PC makers in the 80s + 90s, of course went out of business as a result of outsourcing to the Indian Mafia.

For you millenials, Sun was once one of the biggest powerhouse computer makers in the world.

In fact, India Inc’s removal of American tech workers was one of the prime reasons for the “dot-com” bust in the early 2000s.

The real reason for the dot-com bust, of course was Alan Greenspan illegally flooding the US workforce with millions of cheap foreign job robbers in order to illegally supress wages.

Later a laid off Sun worker, Guy Santiglia sued Sun and lost (primarily because he was a white guy in CA).

Sun + others are no more, just as Lehman is no more.

All due to India Inc takeover + invasion.

“Sun Microsystems has been sued for allegedly replacing thousands of American high-tech workers with younger, lower paid software professionals from India.

WASHINGTON: The lawsuit claims that Sun had a bias in favour of hiring people from India, according to a report in the Boston Globe newspaper.

To support the claim, the lawsuit cited as evidence statements made this year by Sun’s India-born co-founder, Vinod Khosla, on CBS television programme “60 Minutes” that at Sun, people from India “are favoured over almost anybody else“.

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