India claimed gangbusters GDP growth. A former government adviser says it was a mirage

It was really just hype designed to drive US work to India.

All “Indian growth” was predicated on H-1B visa workers getting into US companies built by Americans and billions remitted back out of the US.

Cut off their visas, their card game falls right to the floor.

India is going nowhere.

Indian looters learned how to play the PR game in the west.

“New Delhi (CNN Business) Arvind Subramanian was the top economic adviser to the Indian government. Now he says the country’s growth may have been overstated. A change in the method used to calculate India’s GDP led to “a significant overestimation of growth,” Subramanian writes in a research paper published by Harvard’s Center for International Development. In the paper, Subramanian estimates that India’s economy grew at an average of 4.5% a year between March 2011 and March 2017 — far weaker than the 7% average rate reported by the government over that period”.

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