New York Times, San Jose Mercury-News Hide Subsidies for Alien Grads in OPT Articles

By David North on June 18, 2019

“Two big newspapers, one on each coast, managed recently to publish longish articles on the controversial Optional Practical Training program for foreign grads of U.S. universities without mentioning the program’s dirty little secret — America’s elderly and sick in effect pay $2 billion a year to employers who hire alien grads through OPT rather than American ones.

Neither article mentioned the approximately 8 percent tax break that employers of foreign grads, but not of American grads, get under OPT. They save on taxes because the foreign alums are regarded as still being students under OPT, thus freeing them and their employers from the normal contributions to the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds through payroll taxes, as we have reported earlier“.

100% racist + bigotted

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