TCS-Nielsen deal is a thumbs up for Indian IT, says Nasscom

So they can manipulate US TV and media ratings + silence anyone who doesn’t toe the India Inc line. This is how they got Lou Dobbs off CNN years ago because he exposed H-1B on the air.

Why are foreign powers allowed to manipulate US media?

“BENGALURU: A large deal win by Tata Consultancy Services (TCSNSE 0.40 %) from market research firm Nielsen, which constituted nearly 50% digital technology work, reaffirms the confidence of clients in Indian IT industry, said R Chandrasekhar, president of Nasscom.

Nasscom, the lobby for IT services companies in India, is bullish that global businesses who relied on Indian IT industry for their technology work in the past would continue to offer opportunities for their digital…”

Indians took over Neilsen in FL years ago + drove Lou Dobbs off CNN, as this photo in Neilsen offices shows.

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