Ampcus Inc – 100% Indian Mafia Racist Staffing Company

No wonder Americans can’t find jobs with the racist Indian mafia running lose in America.

100% Indians all the way.

They’re probably stealing Americans’ resumes hand over fist.

Violates EEOC laws, and US Civil Rights Act. Not to mention Title 8 of immigration laws.

Funny how temporary guest workers move in, open their own staffing companies, then file for more work visas for more temporary guest workers who never leave.

Trump + DHS silent, as usual.

100% Indian Connections on LinkedIn.

Nilam Flora
Sr. Specialist-Talent Acquisition
Ampcus Inc.
14900 Conference Center Dr.
Suite 500
Chantilly VA 20151
703-997-9565 (Direct)
703-637-7299 x 1260 (V)
703-956-6996 (Fax)
Email –

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