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Looks like Nunez has most likely been bought off by the India Inc mafia.

“Recently on the Judge Jenine Pirro Show Devon Nunez was saying how we needed MORE visas for agricultural workers AND MORE visas for foreign tech workers – what we call the H-1B Genocide Visa.

Here’s how it works.  Indians take a two week course above a curry restaurant.  They learn to talk lingo and are show what a computer is. Most have never seen one before in their lives. Then they are given a full bachelors degree certificate, a transcript for four years of education, and a fake resume.

Then the hapless Indian, now in debt, goes to a placement company. They offer to pay the company back $5000 and also a percentage of their salary. In return, the company keeps a portion of their salary to pay them tax free at home.

Then the US holds its LCA (labor certification) lottery which is devoured on its first day by mostly Indian placement companies with fake jobs and pretend locations offering wages that are low-average for Kentucky, but ridiculously low for Palo Alto or New York City where they will end up working.

The US issues about 350,000 of these visas every year. And they get to stay about 8 years. 8×350000 = 2.8 Million. Now, about 40% of these STAY in the USA and get their green cards and citizenship on this “non-immigrant” visa which is a path to citizenship.  So how many are here today? About FIVE MILLION. And how many jobs exist in tech today? About FOUR MILLION. Oops”.