‘I feel like a target’: US tech workers of Chinese descent see backlash

Well, you cannot escape karma.


You reap what you sow.

Millions of you come into US tech companies built by Americans + target them for removal in their own country for over 20 years, and suddenly it boomerangs right back in your face.

The reality is Asians in Silicon Valley have been targeting + removing American tech workers for decades.

Now it’s payback time, as the Indians like to say.

Shouldn’t have stolen Silicon Valley to begin with.


“Technology workers of Chinese descent say that they are experiencing backlash due to the US-China trade war and fears over Huawei, according to a survey commissioned by the Guardian through Blind, an app allowing anonymous workplace communication.

“With the trade war against China and especially the Huawei case I feel like a target more and more every day,” an anonymous Amazon employee wrote in a comment on the app, which is popular among technology employees and verifies employment through work emails. “I can’t even feel comfortable about being Chinese because so many Americans see China as a threat now.”

Well that’s because you are. Armies of you have been in our top tech companies for decades stealing everything in sight, and denying tech jobs to American tech workers.

Just like the Indian Mafia.

You are a threat. Or perhaps a better term is a cancer. If Americans had done this by the millions to Chinese in China, you can bet the CCP would have sent the PLA in Tiananmen Square-style + rounded them up like dogs in a second.

But you’ve been here, on our soil, for 20 years robbing, targeting, + removing us.

Better scramble back to China + invent some new industries like we did – pronto.

Xi sure is upset his agent, Hillary Clinton didn’t get installed in the White House as planned.

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