Union of Concerned Scientists has been infiltrated by Chinese + Indian industrial spies

Research analyst or industrial spy?

You decide.

20 years ago there were virtually no Chinese or Indian “scientists” in the US.

Now they are everyhwere, and are into everything.

And they are here to steal our industrial + scientific secrets so they can move them back to their own countries + put us out of business.

Don’t fall for the nice-sounding talk.

Keep in mind that up until 1998 the US would not even allow trade with India or China – until their spies got into the US neither country had much scientific achievement to speak of.

Now they’ve stolen just about everything America created.

All done sneakily under the guise of “international collaboration”.

These people are theives.

Let’s take this PR piece apart one line at a time.

‘Trump Administration Wrongfully Brands Chinese Scientists as Spies, Hindering Scientific Progress’

“I once thought that international scientific collaboration – of talking to your colleagues from around the world and sharing scientific information that could lead to real breakthroughs in the field – was a topic that was so non-controversial, it was a given. It just makes sense. Getting the best minds together in a room to solve the world’s toughest problems is one of the best ways for science to progress. How could anyone disagree with this?”

Well, America which has seen it’s industries, jobs, and industrial secrets looted for 20 years by you + China disagrees with it. It may have taken Americans a while to wake up to what you’ve been doing over here, but now most people are woke + we all know you are here to steal our industries. India + China have almost zero scientific knowledge to offer the US, but the US has everything both countries want. You’re all thieves and nothing more.

“Apparently, the Trump administration disagrees. At least in the case of scientists who are nationally Chinese. And, in a few cases, American scientists who are ethnically Chinese“.

Except that they – and you – are not “scientists” – you’re thieves here to steal our scientific knowledge so you can put us out of business + build your countries off our work and “progress”. We do all the work, and pay all the costs, you carry everything off for free. Not a bad deal – for India + China.

“There is currently a slew of evidence suggesting that the Trump administration is disproportionately targeting Chinese students, scholars, and scientists for presumed espionage activities in a way that dangerously borders on racial profiling and harassment, which has the real possibility of stifling international progress on the world’s most pressing scientific issues”.

Except that everything the world has came from America, and almost nothing from China + India. We don’t need your “progress” but you sure need ours.

No one in America believes the China + India dog + pony show anymore.

You’ve all been caught red-handed looting American industry to the ground, and now you’re going to pay for it.

Corporate Espionage by Ira Winkler


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