Walmart Replacing Thousands of American Engineers With Indians With Fake Degrees

In reality it wasn’t a “difficult decision”. Some execs or managers probably just took bribes from India Incs – and it was a no-brainer decision.

“These fake degree Indians are dirt cheap, it’s a cost savings for Walmart” said Darveesh Makrakandi.

The company – Genpact – has filed for over 1000 H-1B visas in the past few years. The business case is simple. Throw away the smart American engineers who built everything, keep your managers and accountants. Then bring in Indians with fake degrees who work for half the price. Everything goes fine… Until things break so badly and so much crap code is written that whole systems start failing. Then they bring in one or two American engineers to fix everything and when their contract is up, they go back to the Indians.

You would think Walmart would learn from Target’s India Outsourcing disaster after all their cash registers went down across America for hours – thats right – zero sales for hours. Why? They outsourced their software to INDIA!

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