American Hospital Assoc. is against HR.1044

Not everyone has been bought by the Indian Mafia – yet.

American Hospital Assoc. released a statement saying HR 1044 Indian-only bill would be bad for hospitals and healthcare in the US.

Of course it would as it would remove all skilled American healthcare pros from US hospitals and flood them with armies of invading job robbers from India.

Just as it ruined Silicon Valley in 2002 (the fake “dot-com bust engineered by criminal wage-fixer Alan Greenspan), and the fake Wall St. collapse in 2008 which was actually caused not by subprime loans but by Wall St. mass outsourcing to India Inc “global delivery model” staffing companies, flooding the US healthcare system with IQ82 fake-resume Indian Mafia looters would destroy the US healthcare system.

But loser India is into destroying what others built. After all – they are a childish criminal nation consumed by jealousy of others.

What they really want is this:

India’s brand of suit-dressed corporate deception works almost every time. All they have to do is dress up in suits, look like businessmen, promise great stuff to unaware gov’t leaders, then loot everything into the ground via remittances + industrial theft.

The Indian Mafia has discovered how easily Americans are fooled, and target anything where there are high paying jobs. After all, their looters in our high paying jobs maximizes their remittances back to India.

Silicon Valley, Wall St., insurance, healthcare, you name it. Sector-targetting is just another Indian Mafia manipulaton.

At least some groups are awake, and will refuse, such as the AHA.

Kudos to them, let’s hope more people wake up.

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