Indian claims ‘99% of Americans don’t have degrees’

Of all the defamatory statements make by fake-resume, fake-degree Indians in the US, this one takes the cake:

Whoo, boy, that sure is a good one.

Just like Azim Premji defaming US tech workers on MSNBC TV many years ago, the Indian Mafia is trying to always paint a picture of Americans as dumb, stupid, and incapable.

Even though it was Americans who created and built Silicon Valley.

These looters will do anything to stay in the US + rob jobs from Americans on the H-1B Genocide Visa.

In fact, the US Census Beaurea says just the opposite is true:

US Census: Americans are More Educated than Ever Before

Sorry looter, your lies aren’t working any more.

As for ‘nativists’ – well, US law is nativist and all H-1B foreign workers are illegal if Americans are adversely impacted by the degree-faking-frauds being here:

Perhaps you geniuses should educate yourself on US law.

After all, you’re all smarter than we are, right?

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