NASSCOM cautions US, says move may puts jobs at risk, hurt American companies

Just whose visa program is this anyway?

US doesn’t need a lecture from India’s IT loot lobby NASSCOM.

We’ve been “hurt” quite enough, thank you.

Since Indian mafia IT shops caused both the 2002 + 2008 failures, we don’t need any advice from you.

You’ve failed to perform as promise and the US is now $22 trillion in debt, thanks to millions of your non-tax paying L-1 visa workers who were placed at 3rd party client sites illegally.

The only thing putting US jobs at risk is Indian Mafia bringing in fraud H-1Bs under fake visas, stealing Americans’ resumes, then replacing them in jobs + moving US jobs back to India.

India has stolen tens of millions of jobs + over $10 trillion in high tech wages from Americans.

The only thing that is risky is not ejecting their looter armies ASAP.

We’ve had enough. The H-1B program belongs to us, not you.

USA isn’t your chew toy.

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