Who’s coming and who’s going: CA in 5 interactive charts + maps

Foreign parasites target what Americans built, move in, and loot everything out.

Once they remit their $400K back to India + retire like kings, they flee the US.

They are here for DOLLARS, and that is all.

Every successful system attracts parasites.


“The “California Dream” is a global brand. For more than a century the state has been a magnet for migrants from around the world, and now has the largest foreign-born population of any state in the country“.

Ummmm….. not really.

Except for small enclaves in L.A. + S.F, up until 2001, CA was still mostly white.

Once white Americans build something, the parasite 3rd world breaks down the doors to get in.

Up until 2003 or so Silicon Valley was mostly white Americans. In 1998 it was 98% white Americans.

But not anymore.

Silicon Valley 1960.

All the great US tech companies were built by Americans. Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft.

Foreign immigration has fueled California’s population growth for decades. But California natives are moving out. Starting in the 1990s, California has been losing more residents to other states than it has gained“.

That’s because the Indian Mafia has moved in and is targetting American workers for removal. No one wants to live in the dying hellhole called CA anymore. Only remittance-hungry parasites from the 3rd world who see our tech companies as a great big cookie jar to stick their hands into.

But now the 3rd world is on a rampage to loot the US into the ground.

Indian Mafia violates EEOC laws with impunity. Trump, DHS do nothing.

Have at it CA. Enjoy your new barrio.


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