Monsters over at Desi Immigration News

The Indian mindset is sick.

Over at Desi Immigration News, the author thinks old “unproductive” people should “just die”.

That’s what Hitler said when he said “Weed out the weaklings”.

These people are monsters.

No, we need illegals, and fake H-1B tech workers such as yourself out because young Americans cannot find jobs, because you took them all over and didn’t leave when Y2K ended as promised.

You already have a country, but for some reason you want others’.

Social Security and the US gov’t are broke because of all the millions of L-1 visa holders here from India who don’t pay any income taxes – as stated by Diane Feinstein.

2001, BTW, was the year then-president Bill Clinton raised the H-1B visa caps to 195,000 per year, flooding the US with millions of job robbers from India + China.

That’s why young Americans are comitting suicide in record numbers – they can’t find jobs because 100% of the jobs have been sucked up by foreign workers.

Suicide Rates Among Young Americans Accelerates To Highest Level Since 2000

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