India is freaking out over Trump – NASSCOM PR hits overdrive

A slew of similar articles all on the same day shows just how badly India + its IT lobby NASSCOM are freaking out over what Trump is doing.

When you see a whole slew of articles such as this with similar titles, you know it’s paid PR.

NASSCOM, India’s IT lobby, is lecturing the US on how the sky is falling and US companies will be destroyed if more H-1B job robbers are not let in.

Well, hundreds of US companies have been destroyed by these people already in the past 20 years, including the 2002 + 2008 collapses.

After all, it was Azim Premji’s Wipro who really destroyed Lehman Bros in 1998.

The nation that cannot even pick up its own garbage shouldn’t be lecturing the US on anything.

India’s grand orchestrated looting scheme continues unabated……

Hill + Knowlton‘s phones must be ringing off the hook.

Run, Chicken Little, the sky is falling!

U.S. work visa caps to squeeze businesses, jobs: Nasscom

H-1B visas are good for India and Silicon Valley. Capping them would hurt

H-1B visa cap likely to hurt US firms too, here’s how

With curbs looming on H1-B visas, Nasscom warns of repercussions

H-1B visa curbs may boomerang on US companies: Nasscom


“If US policy makes it more difficult to hire advanced tech workers, it will only weaken the US companies that depend on them to help fill their skills gaps, put jobs at risk, creating pressure to send technology services abroad,” Nasscom said”.

No, training foreign workers in jobs Americans created is what sends technology services jobs abroad. If the foreign looters don’t get into the US to get trained, the jobs can’t go overseas.

Too bad for NASSCOM that great US tech companies such as Apple were built by Americans, not foreign workers. Until 2012 for example, Apple hired fewer than 1000 foreign workers a year.

H-1B Visa Cap Will Weaken US Companies: NASSCOM

No it won’t. H-1B workers have been destroying US companies for decades.

CIO.COM: Indian Programmers Are Dumb, Can’t Innovate or Communicate

And of course Immigration Voice manipulator Sujeet Rajan….

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