Japanese cities worried about taking in more foreign workers, survey finds

More shortage shouting.

The sky is falling.……

“Nearly half of cities and towns across Japan are concerned about how to appropriately deal with to foreign workers as they prepare for an influx starting this spring due to a new government policy aimed at addressing a chronic labor shortage, a survey conducted by Kyodo News showed Sunday.

But the survey, covering all of Japan’s more than 1,700 municipalities, also found that 47 percent of them are in favor of having more workers from abroad, as many companies continue to struggle with a labor crunch amid the country’s aging population and falling birthrate”.

Some of the municipalities that are not so positive about accepting more foreign workers said they think higher priority should be given to efforts to secure jobs for elderly Japanese people and women“.

Yeah that’s right – older people need it a lot more than failed young able-bodied looters from the 3rd world who can’t build their own countries.

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