Sujeet Rajan’s sour grapes

Well well well.

India’s days of looting the US economy are over, and India knows it.

Like sulking little children, India’s pundits are now whining and complaining about Trump’s restrictions on the H-1B Indian Mafia that stole Silicon Valley from the Americans who created it, and their invasion and attempted takeover of the US.

Not to mention their wholesale economic warfare + terrorism on American tech workers for over 20 years.

American tech workers have died because of what India is doing.

Well, Mr. Rajan, this ain’t lawless India. You can’t wage this kind of militant economic warfare on America’s best workers forever without repercussions.

And now the chickens have come home to roost.

Too bad for Indians. If you had played fairly when we graciously invited you in as temporary guests and behaved instead of operating like the Indian Mafia that you are, well, things might be different.

But not now. Not after 20 years of genociding Americans into the streets.

You did this to yourselves.

US move to hit India with cap on H-1B visa will come as a kick in the guts

“Leave aside the growing bitter feud between the US and India over trade, tariffs and localization of data issues – the latter being at the core of the new tit for tat game. India hawks may argue that the brash move could help her in the long run with more business being outsourced to their shores by desperate multinationals starved of worker talent; curb brain drain.

For now, the harsh reality is that the shrewd US move would surely come as a kick in the guts for India, if it becomes law. Going by past precedent, if India does not adhere to what Trump wants it to do, then in all likelihood this could become the new normal in visa rules. Or at least, has a chance to be so, after a legal battle in courts.

It’s not just the issue of loss of tens of millions of dollars of remittances for India, at least in US Dollars. It’s nagging, sapping feeling of betrayal by President Trump, who has touted India as a ‘great country’ and Prime Minister Modi as a ‘good friend’ of his.

Really, ‘friends’ do this to bolster closer ties or settle disputes?!

The new move also goes against the rationality of immigration reforms promised by Trump which champion skill and merit for entry into the US, to the detriment of family ties immigration”.

Trump is just playing diplomat. That is all. Problem is, Indians are too dumb to realize it.

Are you really shocked at Mr. Trump’s actions, Mr. Rajan? – After you and your ilk have looted over $10 trillion out of America’s high tech workers in 20 years?

No one in the world will tolerate that kind of theft never before seen in world history.

Americans have had enough. You’ve been getting away with this mass looting of America for decades and now it’s going to stop. As Mr. Trump put it when he first met with Modi: “Modi is a great man, but India is robbing us”.

Looks like you’re all in a panic now – seeing as how your entire economy works off looting other countries – as you yourself admitted – via remittances.

You are sure are worried about your big pile of loot evaporating in front of your eyes, aren’t you?

Maybe you can find another country stupid enough to let millions of thieves in from the biggest crimonal cesspool on the planet – India.

Or maybe not. No other nation would put up with the kind of economic rape India has done on the US.

Too bad for you.

No one is starved for anything in America. It is India which lacks the talent, and which is starved for jobs + remittances – which is why you all want to come to the US so badly.

No one believes your lies anymore.

If Indians are so talented then why is India such a cesspool and why do you need to take over companies in the US built by Americans?


It could have turned out well for Indians in America – if you had behaved.

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