In midst of H-1B visa uncertainty, call to action grows on fairness for skilled immigrants

The only unfairness is to the American tech workers who built Silicon Valley and then were kicked into the streets by all these Y2K visa overstayers who were supposed to go home in 2002 when Y2K ended, bit instead moved in, opened new staffing companies, overran US companies, kicked Americans out, then filed for green cards.

H-1Bs are non-immigrant guest workers. How long do guests stay?


US doesn’t owe these people anything. They’ve taken enough from us.

IT shops + tech companies all across the US are mostly now 90% Indians.

How many Indians occupying US tech companies is “fair”?


Looks like its 100% Indian workers in companies who are being unfair.

Just look at all that unfairness.

EEOC is supposed to enforce this kind of unfairness but doesn’t.

Yep, they’really being tormented by America.

Companies are so unfair to Indians.

They sure are working hard while remitting dollars back to India + partying in the office. How unfair.

Tata-backed Indian-only scholarships for Indians @ Cornell University sure are unfair.

America has been more than fair to faking unskilled H-1B tech worker trainees in US jobs for over 20 years.

It’s time for fairness to American skilled tech workers.

We need to stop these lies and takeover now. These people now occupy + control our companies.

HR.1044 would give priority to Indian + Chinese workers for green cards for 6 years + exclude almost everyone else from other countries. Not diverse, not inclusive, not fair.

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