InfoSys sure created a lot of jobs in CT as promised

Well it didn’t take long for InfoSys’s bait + switch conjob to start destroying jobs in CT.

You may recall a few months ago CT gov. Ned Lamont and his agent Christine Smith announced a partnership with Indian job robber shop InfoSys to bring an “innovation hub” to Hartford, CT – the heart of most insurance companies in the US.

Well not only did InfoSys not innovate or create jobs as promised – they destroyed jobs, as we told you they would.

Let these ruthless criminal job killers into US companies, and job losses result – every time.

The Indian Mafia looting of US jobs + industries continues unabated under Trump. Trump has done nothing to end H-1B job theft as promised, nor has he stopped the Indian Mafia organized crime H-1B visa fraud shops as promised.

India is stealing our companies.

Here’s what really goes on:

Indian Mafia Hype: “We’re going to open an innovation hub, create jobs, hire Americans, and bring new technologies to the US economy. It’s a win-win situation”.

Reality: “We’re going to bring in all our IQ82 workers on fraud H-1B visas, which don’t have the skills claimed, into existing American jobs, have the American workers train them, then once they are illegally trained, move those jobs back to India and lay off the Americans”.

That is why jobs are disappearing not only from CT, but all over the US.

The Indian Mafia staffing companies are comitting mass criminal H-1B visa fraud all over the US. Ravi Kumar and InfoSys executives should all be arresetd and deported immediately, Mr. Trump.

Why are you doing nothing?

“The state Department of Labor reported Thursday a net loss of 1,500 jobs in May, the fifth consecutive month of job losses in Connecticut. The unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.8 percent”.

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