More boo-hoo shortage shouting

No shortage of skilled US workers exists.

All lies.

Americans built Silicon Valley, long before any of these job robbers moved in.

More lies to keep Americans out of the workforce.

Could be paid NASSCOM PR.

You will note the article doesn’t even use proper English with phrases such as “Impacts on Tech Companies” instead of the correct “Impact on Tech Companies”.

Probably written by a foreign author sitting at a NASSCOM desk in India.

As usual the line goes something like “The sky is falling and the US economy will collapse without more foreign tech workers”.

“Tech companies are suffering the biggest impacts of the tightening of H-1B visas by the Trump administration. The administration’s hardline immigration policies include trying to limit legal immigration and the government has started cracking down on H-1B visas. Many tech companies rely on H-1B visas so they can fill highly-skilled positions for which they have trouble finding enough U.S. workers. The government has made the application process much more difficult and has been turning down an increasing number of applications. This can cause harm to American companies and to the economy”.

No, this is what is causing harm to the American economy when you import these vicious fake resume job stealers:

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