H-1B denial rates at Apple, Google, Facebook, AMZN increased a mere 3%-5% since 2017

The way the Indian Mafia + crybaby tech companies would have you beleive it, there’s a desperate labor shortage, and they will all die without H-1B foreign workers. Countless news articles cry about how the poor immigrants are being oppressed + the big tech companies are all having their foreign workforces destroyed and they’re all going home.

It’s all bullshit.

The increase in H-1B denial rates since 2017 for Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon is a mere 3%-5%.

One would have expected, say 15%, or maybe 30%, or 40%.

But 3%-5% is negligible.

Nothing has, or will be done.

Especially now that Trump’s former advisor Steve Bannon is the co-chair of the Republican Hindu Coalition which controls the Trump Administration by remote control from Prime Minister Modi’s office in India.

We need to stop the foreign lobbies controling our gov’t now.


Yes you are.

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