Reality of India Incs from a reader

A reader sent us this about what really goes on in India Inc staffing companies + “guesthouses” (Houses where India Incs illegally keep their benched workers).

Where is the US gov’t in shutting these crime houses down?

“H1Bs of Indian Incs:

1. pay h1b fees $10,000,

2 pay GC fees + $50,000 non refundable fixed deposits to Indian bodyshop(pimp owner)

3. come to USA on their own expenses

4. 25 h1bs in one bedroom Apt

5 get your customer, get your pay concept

6 if illegal brokers eat money, pay attorney fees to fight with prime vendors

7 no paid vacations, no leaves, no relocation, no perdiem, nothing

8 if you’re a female, sleep with pimp owner if not able to pay h1b fees or gc fees

9 if you’re OPTEAD-looking for h1b, you’re a sex slave to pimp owner

10 change project if BDM(recruiter) demands to

11. no prevailing wages, no DOL LCA wages, receive cash if pimp owner throws it

12 no paychecks, no W2s, if ask, fake W2, fake paychecks

13 Irony is, al pimp owners went though this h1b boat once upon a time, no owner

14 kill anyone if go against pimp owner, write/speak against them

15 collect Indian attorney fees $3000 for h1b filing, do not return if h1b not picked up or pimp owner fires 

16 do not report, do not speak, do not place videos in YouTube is rule by pimp owners 

17 pimp owners demand to attend caste meetings like TANA(Chowdarys) ATA(Reddys)/Vysyas, Bhramins, Dalits, Hindu Converted Christian meetings, register, pay entry fees, promote it


19 Visit any GUESTHOUSE, Indian Inc please”

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