Revocations of H-1B Visas Rise in New Front Against Immigration

They aren’t supposed to even be on US soil if Americans are unemployed. They also are working here on fraud if they came in and got TRAINED. ALL of the above should be revoked instantly.

India: H-1B is NOT a mass immigration visa for you to use on your whim.

USA is not your cookie jar.

“But “revocations are now starting to be as common as denials,” which shot up to a total of 15.5% of all petitions decided in fiscal year 2018 from 7.4 percent the prior year, said Bradley Banias of Barnwell Whaley Patterson & Helms in Charleston, S.C.”

That’s because the vast majority of them are fake and the people being brought in don’t have the “special skills” required.

If you don’t have the special skills, or stole an American’s resume and used it to get the job, or come in and get trained as the above photo shows, well, then you’re comitting VISA FRAUD.

Plain and simple.

The 1000s of India Inc fake resume-stealing staffing companies all across the US are doing it.

All fraud.

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