More propaganda: India should tap people strength to build its IP: Western Digital CEO

Another western exec either paid off by the Indian Mafia or else death-threated into hyping up India’s sooper dooper genius armies of smartest people in the world who are the savior of all mankind.

You have to understand how the Indian Mafia operates: they target anyone of prominence, then command them up to the sky to pump their propaganda.

Don’t beleive us? Just look at this photo of unregisterd foreign agent Shablah Kumar, founder of the illegal foreign PAC

Jeff Sessions, shown left probably refused the Indian Mafia tactics and that was why he was fired.

The US gov’t and western media + industry are under the control + manipulation of India.

We need to end this kind of illegal foreign manipulation of our gov’t.

Don’t think for 1 second India are just nice people like everyone else. After all it was the late Richard Nixon who warned us: “Indians are a slippery treacherous people”.

All of the above are India’s machinations behind the scenes to take the US over.

They did the same think with lots of other prominent people in the US including physicist Michio Kaku, twice-failed tech CEO turned “researcher”, Vivek “Fraudhwa” Wadhwa, Marc Cuban, and others.

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