Software used in 737 Max crashes linked to Indian software companies

The chickens are finally coming home to roost for India Inc + US corporations which use their cheap labor.

Turns out HCL, the 5th largest Indian IT outsourcer caused the 737 MAX crashes.

We’re not talking cheap labor now.

We’re talking 300+ people dying.

Apparently, Mr. Premji, it is India that does not have the talent.

And that’s not all. Singapore’s stock market also outsourced to India Incs and experienced failures:

“Five years later in 2015, Bob Caisley quietly left SGX. His departure came after SGX suffered 2 serious trading disruptions late in 2014 and was rebuked by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (‘MAS raps SGX for market outage lapses‘).

The outages were said to have been caused by a software error and a power failure as SGX grappled with falling trading volume”.

And apparently stock markets too.

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