US seeks public comments over online registration of H-1B applications

It’s not like the US gov’t would listen to anything American workers had to say about H-1B.

More of just a dog + pony show so the Trump Admin can make Americans think the US gov’t is actually doing something about the H-1B genocide visa.

An online DB would be good – it would allow people to see which companies are filing for the H-1B visas, and whom the jobs went to. It would also allow the US gov’t to track the foreign workers. And it would make the filing searchable so reports could be generated from queries. It would also reveal the wages paid.

But beyond that, it would do little for enforcement. If violators are not prosecuted, no reg. system will be good enough.

The proposed revision to the rules mandates companies seeking H-1B visas for its employees to first register online before applying for the work permit.

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