RT minces no words – using the term “incompetent”.

Also note the other RT article on Boeing – the 787 is still having problems after outsourcing to India Incs almost killed the proj originally.


“Federal prosecutors are expanding their Boeing probe, investigating charges the 787 Dreamliner’s manufacture was plagued with the same incompetence that dogged the doomed 737 MAX and resulted in hundreds of deaths.

The US Department of Justice has requested records related to 787 Dreamliner production at Boeing’s South Carolina plant, where two sources who spoke to the Seattle Times said there have been allegations of “shoddy work.” A third source confirmed individual employees at the Charleston plant had received subpoenas earlier this month from the “same group” of prosecutors conducting the ongoing probe into the 737 MAX”.

Forbes covered the 787 failures years ago. In fact, after FAA inspected HCL’s work on the proj, they were banned from every working on it again.

Thanks India! For another fail.

Someone needs to go to prison over this. Not just the illegal foreign workers making below prevailing wage, but criminal negligence too.